Takeaways Stibbe Climate Congress

The Stibbe Climate Conference took place on 22 September. Together with speakers from the business community, we discussed on a multidisciplinary basis how the European climate transition impacts organisations. We discussed the challenges facing organisations in the areas of governance, finance & reporting and compliance & liability risks, and how organisations can anticipate such challenges. The most important takeaways on … Read more

The European Commission orders the recovery of at least € 20 million from Starbucks due to alleged state aid

On 21 October 2015, the European Commission (“EC“) decided that a tax ruling between Starbucks and the Netherlands should be considered as illegal state aid (“Starbucks-decision“). As a consequence, the EC has ordered the Dutch State to recover the aid granted to the Dutch Starbucks group company (Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA BV), which is estimated to be between € 20 – … Read more

Nieuwe wet Vennootschapsbelastingplicht voor overheidsondernemingen

Zijn de activiteiten van uw overheidsonderneming vrijgesteld van vennootschapsbelasting? Per 1 januari 2016 gaat dit mogelijk veranderen. Op Prinsjesdag is het wetsvoorstel ‘Modernisering vennootschapsbelastingplicht overheidsondernemingen’ aan de Tweede Kamer aangeboden. Wat betekent dit voor de activiteiten van uw organisatie? Welke kansen en aandachtspunten liggen bij de overgang naar de belastingplicht? De nieuwe regeling voor belastingplicht Onder de huidige wet geldt … Read more